An optimized bedroom

  • High-quality bedding

  • easybedEasy Bed with adjustable height

    Most of our beds over a hold (except for twin beds) can be height-adjusted over a distance of 30 cm.

  • Clever storage areas

    Our rear bedrooms generally have roof closets above the bed(s).
    Most of our beds over a hold can be raised for easier access to the storage areas.

  • Reading lamps

    In general, bedding is equipped with individual reading lamps to avoid disturbing others.

A real fully-equipped kitchen

  • A maxi refrigerator

    Most models feature.

  • Stove top with glass cover

    When the cover is open, it protects the wall from cooking splatters. When closed, it becomes a work surface.

  • Soft-close drawers

    With latches for road travel.

  • Trap door for storage under the refrigerator

    Depending on model.

A practical bathroom

  • Dual ventilation with opaque opening window and roof skylight

  • Dual drain shower tray

    Most of our shower cublicles have two stopper openings for optimal water drainage.

  • Soap dish, glass holder and skylight equipped with a towel rack

The driver’s seat

  • Comfort and safety behind the wheel

  • Storage area over the cab

    All our low profiles feature a thermoformed storage space above the cab with LED lighting on each side.

  • Dual USB port

    To recharge cell phones, tablets, etc.

*   Depending on country.